I photograph people.

Mostly, I photograph people for the simple joy of it. Working collaboratively with each subject, my goal is to capture frozen instants of character – slices of a person's intricate and evolving personality – or stolen moments of introspective solitude.

As my primary business, I provide photography and print support services to fine artists. This sometimes involves the artist painting from one of my photos. Many artists paint from photographic reference. Some artists make these photos themselves, while others seek existing high-quality, copyright and model-released photos from which to paint. As a result, one purpose of my photography is the creation of intriguing images – images that typically explore emotion and expression.

Many of my subjects are friends, or simply people I meet and invite to the studio. I find great satisfaction from the time spent visiting and becoming better acquainted during the process of making photographs.

"When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really means is that I'd like to know them." - Annie Leibovitz

Of course, I also make "portraits". More about that on the following page:

How I Work